how to treat spam.

superfluos, redundant and unnecessary data is wasting our time and energy.

of course the definition of spam may differ, depending on various intentions.

+/-xx% of daily published data are spam

thousands of spam comments were fortunately prevented from being published in this blog here…..

global spam statistics

spamgraph by spamcop

billions of spam mails are sent each day,

spambots endanger our reality perception by filling up our brains with senseless trash, wasting our time

twitter spam : this is how spammers work

spam attack on facebook

exdepart virus: a shocking spam technique on Secondlife

this is how you can handle spammers: report them, track them, block them

Akismet- a really useful tool to block spam

Captchas: common tool to block much of the spambots, automated spammer scripts and spamming software

googlespam podcast

top anti spam plugins for usage in wordpress

howto effectively fight spam


too many people use xrumer in order to grow the amounts of data waste . xrumer- a program that boosts stupid , uncultivated and unimportant people and makes them more popular, creating an artificial popularity.

remember mc afee spam experiment ? does anyone care what happened to the participants months after the experiment ? were they able to reuse their computers after these experiments?

spam is flooding the web since so many years.

if the energy and time used for creating spam would be used in a better way, so many souls could have been saved from falling apart into meaningless waste.

ensure quality by information retrieval

apply captchas into your sites, maybe you keep most of the disturbing commercial fools out

some humans are talking like spambots would do

facing spam problems? just report them at eco

Anti-Spam techniques

Fspamlist project

Antispam e.V. about legal pursuit of spammers in germany

how to trace down spammers

mediawiki antispam extension

mediawiki spam filter

Bad Behavior antispam module


sometimes scam is spam

origin1 of the term „spam“

origin2 of the term „spam“

Chaosradio Podcast about SPAM

tackling the botnet threat

the botnet hunters

ftc takes down a spam provider

Medienradio Podcast: Google-Spam


wie schwierig und komplex der derzeitige umgang mit spam ist, zeigt sich

auch an den diskussionen rund um uceprotect, u.a

im zshg. mit dem 4tägigen serverzusammenbruch des mailservers der

münchner stadtverwaltung:,list.html



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